So a couple of geeks out there on the internet had an interesting question.  How much of Google+ is really just vapor?  After all, Google basically created its social media network out of thin air, converting about 2 billion Gmail and Youtube accounts into Google+ accounts without asking users if they were in the least interested.

Did it work?  The answers, like many answers, lie in verifiable data.  Two recent surveys tell a tale of a sad state of affairs at G+.

Here’s one study and some of its results:

  • Only 0.2-0.3% of G+ accounts have posted something other than a Youtube comment in the last 18 days
  • Only about 9% of G+ accounts have ever posted anything publicly
  • About half of those are not Youtube posts

There are companies out there that like to throw around the latest social media network to give themselves an air of sophistication and dynamism.  Don’t listen to them if G+ is on their list.