Web Platform Integration

We can integrate a number of open source web platforms with your closed source but nevertheless mission critical systems, creating a powerful, flexible web platform that not only fits your specific business need but also evolves with the times.


Custom Web Development

If there isn’t already an open source solution to your web development needs, we will write the code for you, whether that be pushing data from your closed source information system out into the web to pulling data in from complex web interfaces hosted on your website.

Product Development

Got a great idea? Ask us to develop it for you. From proof of concept, planning & design, implementation, testing, and maintainence, Pearl Street Consultants has the expertise to take your concept from idea to completion.

Mobile Application Development

Leveraging open source mobile platforms like Android is critical to standing out to your customers as a forward thinking business partner. We will help your business keep up with the rapidly evolving demands of your mobile customer base.

Client/Server App Development

We can write custom client software to help fill the gaps in your business server-based information workflow. We can even build in data visualization tools to help you understand the data that is the life of your business.

Network Application Development

If you’ve got staff carrying paper from one part of your office to another then you need a network application to help streamline, automate, and speed up your workflow. Let us tap into your closed source systems and push their data out over the network.

Web Design

We offer the full range of web design services, from complete website design, to new slides for your website, to social media ads. We can theme your CMS or create a wireframe proof of concept for your consideration.

Graphic Design

We have graphic design expertise on staff to help with all of your graphic design needs, from brochures and magazines to papers and presentations. Ask us for a quote on your next design project.

Logo Design

Our lead graphic designer can take your business concept and translate it into an attractive, nuanced, and trendy metaphorical representation. Ask to see our portfolio of logos.


Architecture & Planning

We have the expertise to assess your business data needs, to identify user trends and bottlenecks, and design your business an ideal, fast, stable, and evolving open source powered IT infrastructure.

Open Source Virtualization

We have the expertise to roll out a completely free and open source virtualization platform on your network leveraging your existing hardware: no new software to buy, no new hardware to buy. Ask us how.


Open Source Consultation

We can consult on a variety of information technology topics, from open source web standards, to the latest platform developments, to convincing your IT leadership on the need for open source systems to play a role in your company architecture.

Systems Migration

We can leverage the power of open source to integrate the various closed source systems that make up your business into a powerful, dashboard based combined information system.

Responsive Web Design

35% of US internet users only browse the internet using their smartphone. If you’re engaging in B2C, having a “responsive” web presence is critical to closing the deal. Users who browse your internet only to find it’s not formatted properly will leave.