Magento CE: Open Source eCommerce

eCommerce isn’t just about selling a catalog of goods, it’s for any businesses wishing get paid online in an easy, secure, and PCI-compliant format. Whether you’ve got 100 products, 1,000 products, or 100,000 products, Magento is the open source solution for your eCommerce needs. Gone are the days when embedding a PayPal button on your website is good enough to get paid. Want to be taken seriously? Customers trust companies that can show they have the expertise to give them exactly the kind of shopping experience they’d have in the store: hand over your credit card and you’re done.

Enter Magento, an open source eCommerce platform which lets you focus on what’s important: running your business and satisfying customer needs. Magento is chock full of automation, which allows your staff to focus on fulfilling orders and not on managing the back of forth of customer interaction. The moment a customer places an order in Magento your staff receives an email detailing the order. When the order is fulfilled and the product is marked shipped, the customer is automatically emailed a notification, with tracking information if this is enabled. Your customer service can efficiently handle hundreds of transactions per day.

Installation & Migration

We have the expertise to install and deploy your catalog of eCommerce products on the Magento platform with minimal support from you or your staff. If you’re just starting out, we can work with you to build your catalog of goods and services from scratch. If you’ve already got an eCommerce shop, send us a link.

Themes & Extensions

We can make Magento look how you want it to look. Go sleek, go technie, go classic, or integrate the look and feel with your website. We can do all that. If there’s added functionality you need and there isn’t already a free extension that performs it, we can build it from scratch for you.

Integrate & Customize

We can integrate Magento with your existing website or even your existing mission critical information system. If Magento doesn’t do what you want it to do out of the box, we can customize it to fit your particular business needs.

Support & Training

We can train your customer service staff on the operation of Magento or your IT staff on its administration. We also offer tiered email, instant chat, or 24-hours telephone support services. Ask us about our Magento support packages.

Magento Powers 34% of the Top 20 eCommerce Websites

Magento is an open source content magagement system (CMS) for eCommerce-oriented websites. Since Magento is community maintained, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of support for the system. Updates comes every few weeks ensure you have the most secure eCommerce platform available. Get started with open source eCommerce today!


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September 30, 2014